About Us

The Bicycle Club @ CSUN is where we started. This club started sometime before 2010. The Fall 2010 year came by and many of us were actively participating in this club. We decided to take up a change of name. The name then became CSUN Bike Collective. Since then we have:

  • Hosted on-campus Bicycle Clinics
  • Produced a comprehensive proposal for the establishment of an on-campus bicycle cooperative
  • Developed the CSUN Bicycle Recovery Program with the CSUN Institute for Sustainability
  • Spoken at multiple bicycle conferences, events, and meetings
  • Advocated for cycling infrastructure on and around campus
  • Hosted bicycle rides
  • Hosted a musical event

We find it necessary to continually develop programs and services in order to address the inherent demand for bicycle necessities on the California State University, Northridge campus. Our collective is a social enterprise that aims to make cycling a safer and feasible transportation option for a broader range of students and faculty that commute to, and throughout CSUN. Our foundations are rooted in sustainability and a general concern for the welfare of human kind. We believe for every person the Bicycle Collective puts on a bicycle, there becomes one less car on the road or parked at CSUN.

We are committed to empowering the CSUN community and its surrounding communities to use the bicycle as a safe and viable commute option. We advocate for the design, planning and construction of cycling infrastructure to encourage bicycle use to and from California State University, Northridge. We encourage members to discuss and promote cycling infrastructure in respect to urban planning.

The CSUN Bicycle Collective’s mission is to provide mechanical resources, safety information, advocacy for and the establishment of a communal base for those who commute, and get across campus via bicycles. This is accomplished by:

  • A series of on campus bicycle clinics that help to identify mechanical hazards, teach people how to fix common mechanical issues, and create a venue for communal gathering that is conducive for the exchange of information.
  • Strengthening cycling skills by educating and showing cyclists about safe cycling within vehicle-oriented infrastructure
  • Emphasizing the bicycle as an alternative sustainable means of transportation by advocating for the planning and design of bicycle infrastructure plans for California State University, Northridge

The CSUN Bicycle Collective’s vision is to develop a better-integrated bicycle community at California State University, Northridge. The Collective’s work will provide all cyclists on the CSUN campus with access to cycling services and information in order to promote the use of bicycles and make cycling an attractive, accessible and safe commute option. The future holds a safer, bike friendly campus – which will positively support sustainability initiatives as well as empower the growing cycling community on campus.

The values that guide the CSUN Bicycle Collective are:

  • We as an organization value diversity of people and opinions.
  • We respect the community, pedestrians, automobiles and all other traffic.
  • We respect all traffic rules and encourage safe ridership and etiquette.
  • We are a catalyst for social equality and aim to make cycling accessible to as many individuals as possible.

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